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Joel Frahm Trio


Headroom Venue
Koningin Elisabethlei 86, 2300 Turnhout


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Joel is known to all jazz-lovers as one of the modern icons of the tenor saxophone. An unsurpassed emotional projection and technical ability always characterize his playing from jazz to blues to rock.

Joel's new trio just completed their first European tour (including Paris, Köln, Luxembourg City, Tbilisi, Helsinki, Tallinn & more) last May and will be touring in support of their new album due out in the fall. The trio is an international affair, consisting of Toronto's most prolific bandleader Ernesto Cervini (Myriad3, Turboprop) on drums and Dan Loomis (of The Wee Trio, TS Monk, Vadim Neselovskyi) on bass.

Brad Mehldau says, "When I think of Joel, I think of his sound on the tenor, big and generous, very warm and comfortable. One thing I always hear in Joel’s playing is an unapologetic emotional outpouring."

And the New York Times raves, "Joel has established an identity ... as a post-bop saxophonist with a deft and assertive command."

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Headroom Turnhout