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Ingrid Weetjens kwintet


Koningin Elizabethlei 86, 2300 Turnhout


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€ 15.0 Basistarief: 15,00 €
Ingrid has a warm sound and a very accurate phrasing, always fascinating and storytelling.
She is an emotional woman who expresses her feelings through her music.
She wants to give herself to her audience. She makes her own compositions which sound very narrative and open.
She creates a place where you can lose yourselves or dream away.
She reaches that place together with her beautiful band members.

Band Members:

Ingrid Weetjens: Singer & Songwriting
Koen Geudens: Keys, effects
Sam Versweyveld: Trumpet
Lara Rosseel: Bass
Lionel Beuvens: drums

Bron: UiTinVlaanderen.be


Headroom Turnhout